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Exploring the Unknown

Hi everyone! My name is Matt, I’m from Denver, Colorado. I am very excited to meet everyone and embark on this journey. I have never traveled internationally (aside from a tourist resort in Mexico which I don’t count) and I am excited to see all Nepal has to offer.  I want to see some new scenery and go off the beaten path. I am nervous for this trip but more so excited to learn new things and have new experiences.

I am an active person who loves to mountain bike, climb and ski.  Hiking is new to me, but I am having a ton of fun training and breaking in my boots. My favorite music is edm/dubstep, rap, alternative, rock and chill lofi. Sorting through all of the gear is a bit daunting, but it’s fun to test everything out and find creative ways to reduce pack weight. Here’s to the journey ahead!

Whoever pets the most monkeys wins 🙂