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The definition of serenity. Photo by Hannah Richter (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Finalist), Indonesia Semester.

First month itinerary

We will start our journey together on the 28th (Sani will travel ahead to prepare for our arrival and Olivia will travel with the group from Princeton). We will arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 29th and spend 1 night near the airport, enjoy a Malaysian breakfast, and travel onwards to Jogja! We will be met there by the rest of our BYP Indonesia team – Sani, Steve, and Lutfi.

On the 30th we will start our orientation at Tembi Rumah Budaya, a traditional javanese house and cultural center in the village of Tembi in the south of Jogja for 3 nights.

After a pitstop at the immigration office, on the 2nd of September we will go to the village of Nglanggeran in the hills east of Jogja (1 hour bus ride) where we will stay with the Nglanggeran village community, near a dormant volcano. Here we will experience rural life, staying in group homestays for 8 nights, absorbing local wisdom and lifestyles.

Early morning on the 10th we will depart for an epic train ride (14 hours!) towards the eastern reaches of Java, to the Banyuwangi region. There we will stay in a guest house near the beach and learn about underwater conservation from an NGO, BISA Indonesia, that collaborates with the local fishermen. BISA also collaborates with locals on wildlife and environmental conservation, so we will follow them to learn about their projects and observe wildlife in the Alas Purwo national forest. We will have the opportunity to learn from locals every step of the way, focusing both on conservation issues and about local Javanese cultures and beliefs.

On September 20th we will travel back to Jogja by train (bring your best card games!) and we will spend the last week of September together as a group, getting to know the city and the NGO placement sites before moving in with homestays towards the end of the month.