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Photo by Scott Diekema, Nepal Semester.

First Reflections

My time in Nepal has been a colorful whirlwind of cultural expansion, gratitude and everything in between. The earth surrounds, immersed by the sacred mother of the Himalayas, being held by her powerful presence. Everywhere is green. Everything is alive. Cars and scooters rush by as I nervously giggle on the sidewalk maneuvering my way through the lively organized chaos. Every corner has something new, every square inch holds treasures, knowledge and smiling people. The warmth is contagious, for even though there lies a cultural difference, separateness is hushed. Meeting eyes with a namaste and a bow at the heart acknowledging the god within you, within me and within everything. Such kindness, such open-heartedness, such simplicity. Villages decorated with colorful, buildings, goats and cows. My eyes have already been opened. There have been emotions of all colors, but I sit with it all. This is a rare opportunity that I am so grateful for.