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Photo by Kate Gross-Whitaker


My name is Luz Victoria and the focus of my life to this point has been community service. From a very young age I attended political rallies, admired the adults who gave powerful speeches to the working class families that lived in my community of Barrio Logan in San Diego, and I learned to see the world through a bilingual, bicultural, and binational lens. My values as a community member and student organizer were defined by these moments, and I identify them as the source of my ability to be a confident young Chicana who is eager to expand my horizons. My unique upbringing and wide range of experiences educated me to see the beauty of cultural diversity and community service, and motivated me to take on projects that would have otherwise been too intimidating or beyond my skill set. For these and other reasons, I am very excited to participate in the Bridge Year Program in China and start what will likely be the most formative experience of my life.

Upon returning to Princeton I intend to major in Sociology and in my free time I enjoy painting, swimming, camping, and going to the beach in beautiful Southern California!