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Photo by Caleb Brooks


Hey there everyone! My name is Sydney Eck, and I hail from Denver, Colorado. I am really excited we will be spending time in the mountains/ will be able to see them while in Udaipur because they have always been a staple in my life (or at least a staple on my horizon).

Throughout high school I’ve run cross country, performed in my school’s musicals, done some stage management work in the Denver area, done synchronized swimming, and been one of the biggest choir nerds you are likely to ever meet. Being able to study music at a high level and participate in ensembles without being a music major was actually a large reason why I chose Princeton, and I am hoping to take part in some sort of Indian music as an enrichment activity while on BY. The picture above is me at my final solo performance in Denver (I’m the tall gal on the right).

When I get the chance, I love going for walks with my Dad and my dog, baking gluten-free brownies and cookies, and reading or watching TV (current binges: Brooklyn 99, Mrs. Maisel, and The Discovery of Witches).

I am super passionate about women’s rights advocacy and sexual assault education/ resources. Sophomore year I helped found a chapter of GirlUp at my school (an organization run through the UN to promote women’s education and health care access); and I later worked with the curriculum developers in my school district to revamp the sexual assault portion of the health curriculum.

In terms of preparation for BY, I’ve been trying to do some more reading on recent Indian elections. My friend and I have been watching Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act on Netflix this summer, and some of his most recent episodes have focused on the Indian elections and the violence in Kashmir. After watching these episodes, I wanted to understand the issues better, but I have only become more confused (often the trademark of a complex issue with many points of view).

To close, I’ll leave you all with this fun fact about myself: I stink at impressions of people, but I can do a really good dolphin impression. You’ll have to wait until we meet for me to prove it!