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Photo by Sophie Singletary


Hello! My name is Emma Mohrmann and I am from St. Louis, Missouri! I love running, hiking, and basically anything active or outside. I am also very passionate about art and photography and enjoy how they provide the opportunity to tell a story in a unique, creative way and convey a certain feeling. I will definitely continue both in Senegal! I also play the guitar and was in choir and would love to learn some local music styles. Although I am nervous and feeling ill-prepared because I took Spanish in highschool, I am very eager to learn French and Wolof! This summer, I worked at a sports camp/ daycare for kids and while they were chaotic, their innocence, curiosity, and passion for life inspired me. I may want to work with kids in some capacity in Senegal as well. Overall, I am very excited to form new relationships, especially with a homestay family, and gain nuanced perspectives on the world.

Above is a painting I did last summer that I feel like fits my mindset going into this experience. The scariest yet most exhilarating part is that everything is completely new and unknown. However, as a quote on my dad’s classroom wall says “the blessing is found outside the comfort zone.” I am ready as I can be to go in with an open mind, breach my comfort zone, and explore a whole new perspective on the world. We never learn or grow if we don’t challenge ourselves to think differently or try new things. I liken this to going into the dark and turning on a lightswitch, breaching the unknown. The quote on the painting says “What is dark is neither blank nor empty. It is in fact full of wise light which, with patient seeing, can open out into glories.” Although this experience may be somewhat scary at first, with patience and immersion, along with taking time to notice and reflect, I believe this will be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, filled with “wise light” and “glories.”  (truly enLIGHTening!) (I also love puns)

I can’t wait to meet all of you in just a week!!