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Photo by Sophie Singletary


Hey Everyone,

My name is Sebastian Suarez and I am from Boston, Massachusetts.

I have loved to travel from a young age, and we (my mom, dad and me) visit my father’s family in Peru almost every year. I think this lifelong interest in travel is why I am so excited for this trip. I have also always loved soccer so I’m definitely looking forward to playing a little while I’m in Senegal, even though I will likely be much much worse than the Senegalese kids. In general I’m just really excited to see a new culture, to eat different kinds of food and listen new music. I have lived in the same neighborhood of Boston for my entire life, so I am definitely excited for a change of scenery in Senegal.

I think my preparation has mostly come from people, who upon finding out that Senegal is in Africa, tell me to “be safe” then talk about a friend who went on safari…

In all honesty though,  I have been reading through lots of travel books about Senegal and going into Wikipedia and following links about Senegalese politics and history that bring me from the long article about Senegalese history to the foreign exchange programs at Dakar University, with many articles in between. My language preparation has consisted of me going on Duolingo for French, after like 30 minutes of practice telling myself that I got this, but then having dinner conversations with my father (a fluent French speaker) devolve into mostly him asking questions and me responding with “Oui”, although recently I have been slowly improving my vocabulary. I think the things that I am most nervous about are dealing with my homesickness and getting used to new cultural norms and expectations.

I’m really excited to get to know everyone and get started on our new adventure.

See you all soon,


P.S Also for the music thing I highly recommend “Dreams” by The Cranberries, because it is a truly beautiful song but I also feel like it encompasses theyway at least I am feeling, being both nervous and excited because I know that “my life is changing every day in every possible way”  . Also “The Passenger” by Iggy Popis just a really good song that kinda gets me in the mood to travel.

P.P.S Also the picture is from a trip to Kenya I took this February and I just thought it was one fo my prettier pictures so I thought I’d share it