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Hello from Pei ~

Nihao 你好!

Dear South of the Clouds Family,

I’m your cosmic instructor Pei (some friends call me E.T.) 😉 I’m so excited for the upcoming adventure with you and exploring this ancient, charming country together.

I was born in Taipei and brought up under the influence of Chinese culture. I learned calligraphy and go (weiqi) when I was a child. Recently I have been studying the I-Ching (yijing –  The Book of Changes), which is one of the most important classics of Chinese culture. It’s a great data bank of the wisdom of the universe. I enjoy learning about the I-Ching so much as a way to understand the roots of my culture and my life.

I’m writing this email at my new home in New Taipei now, as I prepare for the semester and do my musical instrument training. I’m a performing artist, a musician who believes music is a bridge that connects me with the world, the cultures and the minds of people. I will be collaborating with international musicians and dancers in two contact improvisation dance festivals in Taipei & Japan this year .

In order to keep the energy of my music “Kungfu” going, I will bring some of my babies  (instruments) with me for practicing, which means we might have music as an interesting element in our journey, singing around the campfires and dancing under the stars. Feel excited already?

Recently I have started to explore the traditional music of ethnic groups in Yunnan, Mongolia, and Tibet. I also have worked with Silk Road traditional musicians. I’ve become more and more interested in the music of China’s many ethnic groups and cultures since I was first invited to perform in an art festival in Lijiang, Yunnan (a place we may visit) in 2012, when I was 23. Rather than buying a round-trip ticket when I first traveled there from Taiwan, I stayed in Yunnan for 4 months on my own exploring this region of China. It was an amazing experience, I met countless extraordinary people, artists and musicians. Yunnan and the other places we are going to visit this fall have definitely had a magical impact on my life.

I’m looking forward to exploring the as-yet-unknown treasures we will discover in China with our South of the Clouds family.

Best wishes,