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Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone!

I’m Nick. I’m a rising junior at NYU who decided to take this fall semester off to re-immerse myself in China and make sure I have the energy and the focus to keep going through NYU (and hopefully law school and graduate school shortly after). I studied in Beijing as a junior in high school, so I’ve lived in China before and done some traveling there as well, but I haven’t been back to China since high school and I’m excited to visit again.

I was born and raised outside of Boston, but I spent some time abroad in high school, and I spent my first year of college at NYU’s campus in DC before heading to the main campus in New York City last year. I’m a big fan of running, an avid reader, and I’m working on getting better at keeping houseplants– right now, I’ve managed to keep two alive for the duration of the summer, which might be a record for my family. I’m also particularly interested in the environment: I took an EnviroSci 101-type class my first semester in DC to fulfill a science credit, but I’ve been consistently interested and worked at an environmental policy advocacy group over the summer.

I’m super excited to meet all of you soon! I can’t wait to get to hiking in particular and seeing parts of China that I’ve never visited before. I’ll see you all in September!