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The definition of serenity. Photo by Hannah Richter (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Finalist), Indonesia Semester.

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone! I’m Aneekah and I can’t wait to begin exploring. I’ve lived my entire life in Montclair, New Jersey (a few miles away from NYC) with my three siblings and parents. Bridge Year will be the first time I’m traveling out of the country in 16 years. As the start of Bridge Year nears, I’ve finally begun to process what the seven of us and staff members have signed up for. A few months ago, I would never have thought I would be taking a gap year, but now I can’t imagine not taking up the opportunity to travel and learn beyond a classroom setting.

Before Saturday, I’m cherishing my last few moments in Montclair. I’m finishing painting an anti-gun violence mural near my high school. After working on the mural, I’m excited to see the role of politics/belief in street art in Jogja and hopefully take part. On that note, I’m super hands-on and will definitely be trying silversmithing or creating batik clothing.

As you’ll soon find out, food has played a central role in my life and with my family. Whenever  I get the chance I’m trying out a new recipe or eating somewhere new. In Indonesia, I’m eager to taste street food or cook with my homestay family.

In my free time, I can be found writing, scrapbooking, reading, dancing, exercising, hiking, going somewhere new (you can bet I’ll be exploring as much as possible… architecture, markets, local cafes), and hanging out with my friends.

With a lot more packing still left to do, I hope everyone has a great last few days and see you all soon!