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Photo by Sophie Singletary

Hey, it’s me

Hello! My name is Sabien Taylor (pronounced like you’re Say-ing Bien in Spanish). I was born in Okinawa, Japan, an island near the south end of the country. I can speak Japanese at a conversational level. I belong to a military family, so I have moved around a little bit. I have lived in North Carolina, mainland Japan, and different parts of Southern California. I currently live in Temecula, California.

Last year, I started the Japan Club at my school. It was a whole lot of fun. I presented slideshows on different traditions and customs, planned interactive activities like origami and group radio calisthenics, and organized parties and potlucks. Other members also volunteered to present on topics of their choice. We served as host families to some Japanese exchange students. I led a tour of our school for a group of students from Tokyo. Yeah it was a whole lot of fun. Though Japanese culture holds a special place in my heart, my interests do not end there. I was also involved in the Filipino American Culture Club and Ohana, where I performed traditional Polynesian dance Haka (like the rugby players). I enjoy exposing myself to other cultures and trying new things. That is why I was attracted to the Bridge Year Program. I chose Senegal because I believed that it would offer me the most distinct culture from what I have experienced so far.

I’m really excited to try the food of Senegal. I like food in general (as long as it is not slimy and/or bitter). Over the past few years, I’ve been asking my mom to teach me how to cook in preparation of college. I’ve learned how to make most of my favorite meals and I’ve found some new favorites through recipes online. In preparation of the trip, one of the first things I started researching was the food. The colorful dishes, like Thieboudienne, had my mouth watering. Can’t wait to try it!

I have been doing it for a while now, but in preparation of the journey I have continued doing “anime runs.” I’ve been watching anime ever since I was a baby. My dad and I bonded over cartoons like Dragon Ball. As a New Year resolution, I began “anime runs,” where everyday I run on a treadmill while watching the shows. My favorite anime is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Luckily for me, the newest season ended just in time before my upcoming adventure in Senegal. To prepare, I have also been hanging out with family and friends and kissing my Xbox goodbye.

Excited to meet all of you in person!


P.S. The photo above is of the Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa. The big one is a whale shark. I got to visit my grandparents last winter break.