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Hi everyone! My name is Phaedra, I’m from Greece but I’ve lived in London for nearly my whole life. I just graduated from an American High School in London and spent most of my summer visiting my family in Greece and getting my advanced scuba diving license. I also used the summer to read and watched a lot of TV – I highly recommend La Casa de Papel.

I decided to take a gap year to have the opportunity to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had time for. I knew that I wanted some part of my gap year to be spent hiking and taking time away from technology. After looking into different ideas and talking to a bunch of people about their gap year experiences, I learned about Dragons and the Nepal program. What drew me most to the program is having the opportunity to learn about the religions in Nepal and having the chance to go to a Buddhist monastery for a retreat.

After Nepal I will be attending culinary school in Madrid for three months to earn a certificate in cuisine and pastry making. After attending a few cooking classes in London I realised that I wanted to devote time to improving my skills and see if this could ever be a potential career path. Ever since I was young, I’ve loved cooking and how food brings people together. One of my favourite things to do is attempt to replicate dishes made in movies (my favourite food movie is probably Julie and Julia or Chef).

I like to spend my free time going on walks, spending time with my friends and family, trying new restaurants, and I’ve recently gotten into painting.

I can’t wait to come to Nepal in September and share this amazing adventure with you all!