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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.


Hi! My name is Eleanor, and I’m seventeen. I’m from Bethesda, Maryland, which is just outside of Washington DC. I graduated from high school in the spring, and after my gap year, I’ll be attending Colby College, where I want to study environmental science and biology.

My hobbies include writing and drawing, and I really like baking even though I’m not so good at it. I also used to dive in high school and plan on getting back into it at college — and by diving, I mean springboard/platform diving, not scuba diving (a surprising amount of people have been confused by this).

At the beginning of this summer, I traveled around England, Belgium, and the Netherlands with my older sister, and I’m excited to see a lot more of the world on our trip. I’ve been spending these final weeks relaxing and enjoying time with my friends and family.

Even though I’m kind of nervous about this trip, I’m glad that I’m getting out of my comfort zone, and I think I’ll really love this experience. I’m particularly excited to immerse myself in so many interesting cultures, see beautiful places, and eat some great food.

I can’t wait to meet everyone!