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Hi Guys !!

Hi guys, I’m Jordana 🙂

I’m 18 years old from New York City where I live with my parents and a younger sister and brother. My little sister, Aerin, is 12 years old and celebrating her Bat Mitzvah on September 21, so I will be meeting you guys in China one week late 🙁 Btw a Bat Mitzvah is a coming of age ceremony for Jewish kids between the ages of 12-13. I’ve grown up in NYC my whole life and I absolutely love it. But I also really enjoy traveling and seeing/meeting new people as well as learning languages. I studied Chinese (Mandarin) for four years in high school, studied a little bit of Arabic, speak Hebrew and of course, English. Language is the key to understanding any society of people.


Which leads me to why I chose to go on a Where There be Dragons program. I used to go to a Jewish day school, where a lot of students take gap years to go to Israel to either enlist in the army or study for a year and then attend University, so it was always at the back of my mind to take a gap year myself. However, after I left my Jewish day school for secular high school, I started studying Mandarin and became infatuated with the Chinese culture, language, people, food, you name it, and decided that I wanted to go to China this fall and I think I may work in Israel later on in the gap year.


On another note, this summer, I went back to my old sleep away camp, in upstate New York to be a counselor. I went there as a kid for seven summers. I was a ski and wakeboard counselor this summer and I love being on the water – whether it is sailing, swimming, skiing, tubing, scuba diving, etc. I also love to run and I used to play competitive soccer. Next year, I am attending the University of Michigan, and I will hopefully be studying Psychology or Poly-sci, unless I change my mind this year 🙂


I am a little nervous about living with our homestay families, however I am very much looking forward to having this unique experience. Nonetheless, something fun about me is that I enjoy making jewelry and reading. I love alternative and classic rock music. Some of my favorite bands are The Kooks, Queen, Two Door Cinema Club, The Strokes and Sum 41. And lastly, something quirky about me is that I am afraid of eggs. They freak me out!!!


Looking forward to meeting you all!