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Photo by Teva Corwin (2018 Summer Photo Contest Entry), Peru 4-Week.

Hola Hola! Dragons Instructor Introduction

Hello everyone!
I hope you are very well, preparing for this experience full of multicultural diversity, valleys, mountains, archaeological complexes, gastronomy, nature reserves, music, dance and MORE !!!

I am Monica and together with Raquel Y Teto we will be supporting you as part of Where There Be Dragons so that your first semester with Tufts be enriching, transforming, and unforgettable for your lives and studies.

Recently I finished a summer course in Guatemala in which we were immersed in its natural, cultural and historical heritage. We visited places where I have lived and participated in community work related to food sovereignty, permaculture and integral health.

Now I’ll briefly tell you about me:

I was born in the city of Guatemala 31 years ago. At 23 years old, and after finishing my graphic design studies at the university and studying art, I started working as a freelancer and decided to travel and work simultaneously. I filled my backpack with many dreams and went out to see Guatemala. I had no idea the turn that would mean for me. It was the best decision. I went from living a hectic and stressed city, to getting to know friendly communities, cultures respectful of nature, and a new world for me.

Little by little I began to look for a healthier lifestyle, and that is how my interest in agriculture began. I went to visit seed houses, farmers associations, social projects that worked against malnutrition in Guatemala, and  started to apply the design in these projects. Some time later I started giving art workshops to children who were in the malnutrition projects and focused on food sovereignty through creativity. Little by little I have been working less on the computer and more in contact with nature, and the nature that surrounds us and that inhabits us.

Recently I started working with Dragons and I am fascinated with how it has fit my lifestyle and how that allows me to share with wonderful human beings, looking for a good life.

This time it will be my first semester in Peru. As much as I look for the words to express my emotions, I think it will become clear when we see each other in-person and share big smiles and unforgettable moments.

See you soon,