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I Can’t Wait to Get Started!

First of all, thanks for that introductory note Jessica! The more I hear about Indonesia and its people, the more excited (and nervous) I am to travel there and experience it for myself. I’m happy to hear that things might get a little bit… uncomfortable. It’s about time! Comfort is great, but it isn’t a very good teacher. I’m not sure exactly what I hope to learn in Indonesia, but I know that whatever lessons I do absorb will stay with me for a long time to come.

In case anyone’s curious, I’m from Northborough, Massachusetts, in the Worcester area. I love to write, read, and sing, so don’t be surprised if you catch me humming some show tunes now and again! I’ve never been to Indonesia before, but I don’t imagine that’s much of a distinguishing feature! A totally unfamiliar experience lies ahead for me –a completely foreign environment, culture, and way of living– but what’s almost more exciting is the prospect of getting to meet all of you. There’s a reason we’re all a part of this program, and I’m psyched to hear you all the interesting things that you have to share!

My Itinerary: I’ll be flying out of Boston at 3:00, Delta 737, and landing in LA at about 6:15.

I did have a quick question for Jessica and Co.; on the packing list, you mention that we should be able to carry all of our items in a 40-50 L frame backpack. You also mention that we should take a day pack with us for various excursions we might undertake. So my question is: should this day pack also be able to fit inside the frame backpack we are required to bring? And if so, how large should the day pack be?

Thanks for your help! I can’t wait to get started.