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I took the road less traveled by….

For most of my life, my favorite poem has been Robert Frost’s The Road Less Traveled.  In the poem, a person comes to a fork in the road ad has to decide which path to take.  The more worn path or the path less traveled.  In coming to Nepal, I decided to take the road less traveled.

Why come to Nepal? For the beaches? The high brow museums? The nouvelle haute cuisine? Nope!!.  You come to Nepal for your soul.  You come to Nepal to recharge your spirit.  To witness humanity up close in its rawest form.  Nepal is humble, but it is not weak.  It is bowed, but not broken.  It has cracks, but its foundation is unrelenting.

I will miss Nepal.  I will miss its people, its smells, the sounds, the food, and the traffic.  I will miss the friends I have met on this journey.  The random person I engaged on the street, Swayabhu and Sharmila and the kids and my new Dragons family.  I will miss it all.

….I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference

Namaste Nepal.  Namaste


I dedicate this journey to Nepal to my late mother.  Thank you for showing (by example) the importance of education, humility and hard work.  Thank you for always being so proud of me even when it probably wasn’t deserved.  I miss you and think of you everyday.