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Instructor Introduction

Salam Alaykum السلام عليكم. Three days ago I celebrated Eid al-Adha, it is the second Islamic holiday and the biggest one. On that day, we sacrifice a sheep in the name of God to commiserates the miracle of the prophet Ibrahim and his Son Ishmael. The Eid is just one small aspect of my culture, and there is more to share it with you and to teach you all about it, and help you navigate it in the smoothest way possible.

A little bit about me: I am Badr; since all Arabic names have meanings, mine means “the full moon.” I will be your instructor alongside Kevin and Kristen, and this will be my third program with Dragons. I was born in Sale, the sister city of the capital Rabat, but I what I call home is a small town 51 KM east of Rabat called Tiflet. I grew up all over the country due to my father’s job in the military. For that, I feel blessed to have the chance to meet people from different communities and to create so many beautiful relationships that have shaped me to become the person I am today, a teacher.  I joined Dragons after Kevin shared with me the fantastic work they do and how are they working to shape the American youth to be global citizens. Before that, I worked for an American NGO called Crafting Love and Hope, leading the English Program and their technology curriculum for over a year.  I also worked with Peace Corps Morocco for over five years teaching and facilitating Moroccan culture and language to US volunteers. I led many sessions concerning their orientations as well as dealing with deferent Moroccan governmental agencies in that matter. I also worked in the business field for some years, but I have always seen myself as a teacher and an instructor. I like being in the classroom, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I have a business degree and a BA in English literature. I am a gender advocate; that motivated me to write my BA thesis about the feminist movement and mainstream media’s influence.

People describe me as a positive, cheerful person. I believe that we all radiate energy that can affect people in many ways, and I want to spread positive energy across the group and ease your steps into Morocco and local culture. With that being said. I also like reading, love drawing, and am very competitive when it comes to group sports.

The thing about traveling is it humbles you in a way you cannot begin to imagine. You get to see people as people and that we share the same humanity. Traveling gives you a mirror to look into yourself and become the best version of you. As long as you are on the go to explore and embrace other cultures, you do not cease bettering yourself and people around you.

I am excited to meet you all this fall and learn from each other, and  I can not wait to share my country and her people with you.