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Photo by Benjamin Swift, Andes & Amazon Semester.


Hola estudiantes y familias!

What a thrill to know that there is less than a month left to meet and start sharing this wonderful time together. I am Paola and I will be one of the instructors with Keshet and Randall.

You have to know that we are already very excited for the course to start. Yesterday I dreamed that we were already waiting for you at the airport, I love that feeling of emotion mixed with a bit of nerves when you meet someone for the first time. And when I start dreaming about something that excites me, I can’t stop thinking about it. So now you now how I’m feeling.

Just a few weeks ago I just finished Dragons Peru Sacred Mountains course. Once more we were able to connect with the places we visited, not only the places will surprise us by their wonderful landscapes, what makes a place special, for me, is the people that we will meet and with whom we will have the privilege of being able to share time between conversations, meals and a roof over our heads. People will open their hearts, their homes and lives to us, how lucky we are!

Although I had already visited certain places that we will visit together, there is always something new to learn and that is my intention to be part of this community, we are in constant learning, every day we have to take advantage of it, just leaving our comfort zone, leaving the comfort of our homes, the ease of opening the refrigerator and eating what we want, not being able to communicate as we would like, all that will make us grow and hopefully we can be more aware and appreciate everything what surrounds us.

I haven’t stopped traveling for almost four years, I lived a year in Peru, I spent a good season in Ecuador and then I lived almost half a year in Europe, and now traveling with you, teaching, showing some places that I love! In each place I had different experiences of course. Before starting those trips I worked in an NGO which works to establish libraries in rural areas. My most recent work as a psychologist was with women who were victims of violence, a hard but empowering role. Another job that brought me many smiles was to have a small pastry shop delivery service; I love cooking! (I am a vegetarian) During a season I also worked as a photographer. Lately I have learned to make jewelry with flowers and dry leaves, and being close to nature makes me happy!

I was born in Potosi Bolivia, a city that is 13,340 ft above sea level but I grew up in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, in both places there have been very important moments in the history of the world, together we will be talking about it and more.

Since childhood I was always very connected with the earth, with nature, it is in the month of August where in Bolivia we celebrate Mother Earth, we thank her for everything she gives us. Unfortunately now Pachamama is suffering in many parts of the world, in Bolivia one of the nature reserves is burning, the reason? There are many but mainly because of bad government practices.

This morning I was listening to Luzmila Carpio, she is a Bolivian indigenous singer-songwriter, she sings in Quechua, a wonderful indigenous language. In this song she speaks to the Pachamama. Unfortunately, I do not know how to speak Quechua but my mother speaks, my grandmother also and I will learn. This song my mother translated it from Quechua to Spanish and then I translated it from Spanish to English. You can find the lyrics translated below, espero que les guste la canción 🙂

I hope you can reflect a bit on your goals for this trip, we will soon be getting in touch with you and we want to see your introductions in the Yak soon.

Con mucho cariño les envío abrazos desde Bolivia


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Luzmila Carpio Pachamamata Jampiykusun

Indian Quechua Lullaby To The Mother Earth

Pacha Mama, sweet mother,

we love you so much

Pacha Mama, sweet mother,

don’t be so sad anymore

We are very sorry

We have hurt you so much,

we have taken little care of you

We are very sorry

How have we treated you like this?

We have not taken care of you

Pacha Mama, sweet mother,

Heal our hearts

Pacha Mama, sweet mother,

You give us life

With all our heart,

Oh sweet mother, we hear you!

With all our heart,

Oh sweet mother, we love you!