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Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.


Hey Everyone! I’m Naomi (she/her/hers) pronouns. I’m a Boulder Colorado native and I go to school at Naropa University. I’m entering my first semester of sophomore year. I’m majoring in Psychology with a double concentration in  Somatics and Health/healing. Basically, I’m a human anatomy/ neuroscience/ dance nerd.

One of the biggest parts of my identity is that I am a circus artist/dancer. So yes, that means I swing on trapezes, silks, stilts, etc. And that also means that I am a sucker for adventures. During my senior year of highschool, I raised enough money to go to Nepal with my Dad for half a semester. I taught dance in a school, a studio, and even performed some circus for the people of Khandbari! That adventure taught me so much about myself–I had a really hard time choosing between starting my first year of college and taking a gap year, but I’m really grateful that I chose what I did. And I get to travel anyway!

I am very passionate about indigenous rights as a small percentage of my roots are indigenous. Having grown up in the culture makes me curious and excited to learn about indigenous people of other countries. And of course, I’m excited to learn about cultural dance.

I also love art, song writing, crafting (any type of art, really.) I am very excited to explore South America, learn Spanish, and dive into the unknown of another country.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Also P.S. I just chopped all my hair off so that picture is a lie!