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Photo by Scott Diekema, Nepal Semester.


Hello beautiful humans,

This adventure is starting to feel real- although it hasn’t fully hit in two days I will be boarding the flight to leave for Nepal! So surreal.

This is my last semester at Naropa University. I am in the interdisciplinary studies program with my concentrations in women’s studies, contemplative psych, and religious studies. I am also a life coach, motivational speaker, and yoga teacher. I am heavily involved with a project called ‘elevation’ which is becoming one of the most important parts of my life.. It’s essence is to inspire humans to live from a mindset of kindness and generosity. Open-hearted living and authentic relating are my greatest passions. I believe so deeply in the power of intimate human connection to transformation the consciousness of this planet. I believe the more we take off our masks the more we open up to the sweet intimacy within our hearts. I feel so called to continue to learn more about conscious compassionate communication skills and tantra. I definitely was not always this way. I used to be petrified of humans. I would have to take a shot before leaving my house- even to go to the gym or lunch- because I felt so uncomfortable in my skin. I was a hard core alcoholic and drug addict. I decided to get sober 4 and a half years ago and surrender to my life to my higher power. Ever since my life has been a devotion to know my true self and fall deeper in love every day with the Beloved.

I am so excited to see what portals open up during this adventure and for the nourishing connections and growth that is to come.

Can’t wait to meet you beautiful souls in a few days! See you in Nepal!

Mal. XO