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Hi everyone! My name is Shane and I am from Raleigh, NC. I attended an early college high school and graduated in May with my diploma and an associates degree. I am planning on going to the UofSC next year to study nursing. I volunteered at a nearby hospital in the NICU for three years and since I am interested in medicine, am hoping to explore medicine in Indonesia as one of my ISPs!

I grew up going to a sleep away camp and have worked as a counselor the past two summers, so I’ve had experience disconnecting from technology and being outdoors. Going to a camp that is in its own little bubble for many years has taught me the importance of disconnecting and how beneficial it is. I’m excited to see how disconnecting in Indonesia will help our group grow, learn together, and strengthen our experience.

I love traveling and have had the chance to visit Switzerland, Poland, Israel and different states throughout the US. I’ve never been to Southeast Asia and I am beyond excited to learn about the different cultures and religions we find in Indonesia. I’m counting down the days until I meet you all and we embark on this exciting adventure together!!