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The definition of serenity. Photo by Hannah Richter (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Finalist), Indonesia Semester.


Hi everyone! My name is Allie, and I’m from Basking Ridge, NJ, which is around 45 minutes northeast of Princeton. A little on my life: I was born in Tokyo and lived there for a little more than two years before moving to New Jersey. When I was eight, I moved to the outskirts of London and lived there for around four years before returning to New Jersey. I gained an appreciation of travel and a sense of the world by living abroad, but I existed in expat bubbles, where I attended American schools and became friends with similar expats. By living outside the country again, this time in Indonesia, I want to gain a more global perspective and open my mind to new ideas that I never considered before.

In the past six years of living in NJ, I grew to love the state for its closeness to New York City, access to both beaches and mountains, the variety of cuisines, and its diversity of people and towns. But, I am very excited to expand my sense of place and being once again; I want to get to know another city, create a new community for myself, become more independent, and dive into the unknown through my Bridge Year.

In terms of my passions, I love theater, but from the backstage—I stage managed my high school’s musicals for all four years and a community theater production this past summer and started designing lights senior year. I am interested in art history and photography and can’t wait to learn from and take part in the arts community in Jogja. I am also interested in social justice, environmental science, and politics and have been involved in civic engagement initiatives throughout high school. In my free time, I love listening to podcasts (Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History is my personal favorite) and pop/indie music, spending time with friends and family, and catching up on latest trends and news. At Princeton, I am thinking of studying Sociology and getting certificates in Journalism, Humanities, and Theater, although this will probably change with time.

In the days leading up to orientation and our year, I’ve been getting my final fills of my go-to meals: Chipotle Sofritas bowls, spaghetti and marinara sauce, pita chips, Beyond Burgers, and Starbucks iced coffees. I’ve also been busy saying final goodbyes to friends as they begin their freshman years and doing some final preparations for the trip (meaning trips to CVS, reading on Indonesia, and doctors appointments!).

I can’t wait to take off on this journey and finally meet you all. I’m very excited to grow with you through our upcoming adventures in Java and beyond.