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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.


Hi friends!

My name is Shane and I’m from Vail, Colorado. I’m super excited to meet everyone and to arrive in Nepal. I have traveled to Nepal once before with Students Shoulder to Shoulder and that trip inspired me to come back to Nepal with Dragons.

As far as interests go, most of them revolve around being outside. I was the captain of my soccer, ski, and lacrosse teams at my school my senior year. I also was the student director of the theatre program of my school so I had a fun mix of activities. I also like to wakeboard, hike, camp, and mess around with my camera in my free time. I am a big fan of music as well. I listen to rock, edm, and rap mostly. I try to get out to the Denver area to see as many shows as I can. I am also very excited to begin college. This January I will be starting school at the University of Southern California. I am excited for the change of pace from small, mountain town to the big city.

My former trip to Nepal was only 3 weeks, but that short amount of time was enough to change my life. I started getting into Buddhism after and I have been reading and learning about the religion ever since. The trip also inspired me to use my phone much less. I usually keep Instagram and Snapchat off my phone at this point but will go back on occasionally. I can’t wait to go back to the incredible country of Nepal and dive headfirst into it rather than scratch the surface like I did on my first trip. I also can’t wait to meet all of you lovely people and live in this country with all of you. It’s going to be crazy 3 months.

Thanks, Shane.