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Photo by Kate Gross-Whitaker


Hi! My name is Saumya Malik, and I am from Princeton, New Jersey. I have lived here my whole life, but most of my extended family lives in India. I  visit them fairly often and have in the process developed a strong Indian identity. I really appreciate having this understanding of another culture, as it allows me a tunnel to another world beyond my town, and I’m looking forward to learning so much about the culture and lifestyles of another part of the world. I also hope to learn a lot about myself—what I value, how I function independently, how I can serve—this year.

In my free time, I really enjoy (aside from watching tv…) puzzles of all sorts and knitting. I also really enjoy music and have been singing in a choir for most of my life. When we get back to Princeton, I will be in the college of engineering, likely studying chemical/biological engineering or computer science. Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!