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Photo by Scott Diekema, Nepal Semester.


Hi lovely beings, my name is Kenna and this is my second to last semester at Naropa University (for undergrad) where I am studying transpersonal psychology with a double minor in yoga and religious studies! I also partake in an energy work/light working mentorship that I am deeply grateful for:D. I cannot wait to experience a different culture away from the denseness of Americanized socialization and to be removed from what I know, leaving such room for  growth and play within the unknown, connection and discovery. I have felt drawn to Nepal and the Himalayan mountains for many reasons, some of them being the potent spiritual energy that surrounds, the recognition of renunciation as a life path and the diversity & beauty of many sorts:). I cannot wait to experience and witness the wisdom of Nepal, as well as the wisdom of each and every one of you! For we are all teachers. Looking forward to connecting, vibing, giggling and sharing a slice of this embodied, tangible human experience with you all. As well as this wild, grow-filled and contemplative adventure (I like adjectives and there’s always too many good ones to choose from! :P) <3 GROOOVYYY BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL and see you soon!

ps. Love to dance, sing, write, all things rising of consciousness to the remembrance of our true nature and unconditional divine love baby 😉 and many more, looking forward to sharing interests!