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Introduction to me!

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca and I live in a suburb right outside Boston. After my gap year, I will be attending Barnard College of Columbia University in NYC in the fall of 2020. I love sports, specifically running and volleyball, and the community they provide alongside the adrenaline rush of exercising. I can’t wait for the trekking! I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, sharing jokes, and painting nails. Lastly, I love animals so much! (My dream would be to run an animal sanctuary :))

I couldn’t be more excited for the Nepal trip and to meet and get to know all of you. I have been to the south of India the past two summers with my mom, so I am eager to learn more about Hinduism and Buddhism, especially meditation (since I’m a stressed out young adult). Overall, I look forward to learning from the world around me in Nepal and from all of you. I am traveling to Latin America in the spring 🙂

The departure date is nearing and I can’t wait!!

Fun fact about me: I have two tattoos that I got in India in the summer of 2018!