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Photo by Anna Hiltner

Me llamo Chiara

Hi! Me llamo Chiara (and yes please do roll the r if you can, it was meant for that). I live in the San Francisco suburbs but attended middle school and high school in the city. The craziest thing about this commute was the drastic change in weather as I crossed the bridge (from clear skies to fog or even the occasional very localized rain). In high school, I considered it a pain but if anything it’s probably the closest thing we have to season changes.

I loved the city for the freedom it gave me. My friends who lived in the city showed me that I could get everywhere by bus and walking so I started walking all the time and everywhere. Granted a lot of this was because I possess an innate ability to mess up navigation and I often find myself looking for restaurants I’ve been to once but can never remember the name of. It’s worth it though because I always find great things when I’m looking for something else.

If I find the time to read it’s usually because I see my mom reading something interesting. I snatch the book while she isn’t looking and try to read the entire thing before she notices. The system is absolutely foolproof but I always get caught.

The best debates are the ones with friends where we started pulling out every bit of our scholarly knowledge for the most absurd, non-academic arguments.

In preparation for my move to Bolivia, a friend and I attempted to speak exclusively in Spanish during our hour walk to a grocery store I wasn’t sure existed. The grocery store did in fact exist, as did, surprisingly enough, some remnants of our middle school Spanish lessons. However the snacks we expected to find in this grocery store did not exist, much to our disappointment.

But while that snack mission failed, I’ve moved on to my next endeavor: api morado or just api for short. The purple corn, smoothie-like hot drink, along with buñuelos, definitely makes for the ultimate snack session. I can’t wait to try it and prove my theory.