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My Poem to Madagascar

I love you Madagascar

I love your people

Your nature

And even your bugs



But most of all,

I love how you’ve changed me

How you’ve made me think

How you’ve made me grow

And how you’ve made me love both myself, others

And the world around me


This summer I fell in love with you

And I fell in love with myself as if it was the very first time


So thank you

You’ve shown me a whole new world

That I didn’t know existed

Thank you for opening me up

For making me vulnerable

But also for making me stronger


You’ve brought out the curiosity, creativity, motivation

And kindness in me- which I wasn’t sure even existed anymore


I promise to always see the best in you

I owe it to you because you’ve brought out the best in me


My trip here is coming to an unfortunate end

But I promise, I will not forget a single thing about you

Because I do not love easily

But once I have loved,

I will always love

So my love for you Madagascar

Is eternal.