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Namaste everyonee!

Hey everyone my name is Graciana (or Gracie) and I’m from Vermont. I’m taking a gap year before heading to Wesleyan University next Fall, and I’m so happy this trip is a part of it! This summer I’ve been busy working two jobs and trying to save up so that I can travel independently in the Spring. I chose this program because I’ve always been inspired and intrigued by the Nepali/ Tibetan/ Himalayan region. I am so so s excited to explore this beautiful part of the world with you all, and get to know the people and culture of Nepal throughout the journey. I am passionate about many different forms of art, music, politics, environmental justice, skiing + hiking+ being active in any form, meeting new people, going new places, and lots more!

I can’t wait to meet you guys in just a few short weeks!!

Definitely post an introduction so we can get to know each other better(: