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Note on Electronic policy

Hello Him A-mazing !!

We wanted to post a message to give clarity around our Electronics Policy so you can better prepare for your time away.

Cell Phones – As a reminder, cell phones are not allowed on course. If for whatever reason you need your phone for travel after or before the course, the instructor team will hold onto it for the duration of our semester. Your phones won’t be travelling with us as we will store them safely in the beginning and access them right before you head to the airport to head back home. If you have questions about this, please ask!

Cameras – Please bring them! Small point and shoots are nice because of size and durability, but if you have a larger camera, you are also welcome to bring that. Keep in mind that if an item is lost, stolen, or broken, it can be rather difficult to replace or repair. If you do bring a camera, don’t forget your chargers! (Or, if you have a film camera, make sure to bring extra film.)

Music Playing Devices (iPods/MP3 players, etc)- You are able to bring music playing devices such as IPods and MP3 players on course as long as they do NOT have wifi connection capabilities (so no IPod touches or old smart phones). Once we come together as a group we will go over this more thoroughly, but you can expect to keep your devices away during times when we are in public settings or engaging with our home-stay families. We encourage listening to music as a form of self-care, enjoyment, and cultural exchange, but if it becomes a habit that diminishes our experience on course, then the instructors will hold onto these devices.

Electronic Readers- Kindles are useful while on course because you can pre-load them with lots of readings and do not need to carry around heavy texts. Please no iPads. We ask you to download the books on the kindle before you leave because once you get here it is pretty difficult to get the better internet connection especially during the second half of the course.

In a nutshell

Allowed : Kindles, Cameras, music playing devices without a smart screen

Not allowed, : Smartphones, laptops, iPads, any other devices with a smart screen or have web surfing abilities.

It is almost always the case that even though at takes some time to get used to be unplugged, folks love the freedom of not being tethered to a device at all times. This opens up an incredible potential for one to engage with a place and people in an authentic way. There is so much that one can take in during this limited time in Nepal and we want to make sure that a smartphone screen and constant social media feed should be on the bottom of that least if not out of it.

We do honor your need to connect with your friends and family back home, so please don’t worry we will make sure that you get opportunities to use your email from time to time. We do our absolute best to update folks back home about where we will be and what we’ll be doing. Our amazing yak board will also work as a way of sharing our experiences with folks back home.

As always, if you have any questions or clarifications about this policy, please let us know! We are more than happy to answer.

Aditya, Uttara and Rishi