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Photo by Teva Corwin (2018 Summer Photo Contest Entry), Peru 4-Week.

Participant Profile: Claire Ji

Yujie “Claire” Ji is originally from Shenzhen, China but attended an all-girl’s boarding school in the United States. At school, she heavily invested in her leadership roles as a president of the Asian Student Alliance, a chief editor of the school newspaper, and a student ambassador to an international-relations-themed online forum. Outside the academic setting, Claire loves to participate in student diversity leadership workshops for underrepresented groups, read books (mostly sci-fis and detective novels), watch anime, play sports (squash, tennis, running, etc.), and sometimes blog/write short answers on Quora. Claire is extremely excited to spend her next semester in Peru, as she expects to better her Spanish skills and fully immerse herself in the study of a new culture and way of living. She also hopes that this valuable abroad opportunity will help her pursue her potential academic interest in international relations or public health.