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Photo by Teva Corwin (2018 Summer Photo Contest Entry), Peru 4-Week.

Participant Profile: Isabelle Woollacott

Isabelle grew up in a small town along the coast of Maine, where she was able to build an appreciation for her community and the natural world. In her own town, she developed a passion for learning about different cultures, the Spanish language, art, environmental protection and social justice, and she’s very excited to continue her work while at Tufts and in Urubamba. Isabelle’s desire for adventure and exploration has flourished as she’s gotten older, bringing her around the country from coast to coast, to Spain and to Peru for one short week on a service learning trip where she fell in love with the people and the landscape, meaning she’s very eager to return. At Tufts Isabelle plans to pursue a dual degree with the SMFA in Visual Arts and either International or Environmental studies with a minor in Spanish.