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This is our 2nd day in Patan with our families.  My young sisters are wonderful and so willing to share and make sure their parents understand.  We laugh over fun family stuff, teasing each other about what’s happening or what we are doing.  Yesterday, my host sister showed me a dress she was making, that is beautiful, and her young daughter wanted to try on.  I told her to be careful, as she may not want to give it back!  I feel such a part of this family.  They asked me to help them with a squeaky fridge door by saying have grandmother look at it!  There is nothing better!  Last night we played a fun game called “Spot It!” in which you have to match pictures on your card.  It is fast paced and we laughed and laughed!  My host brother wanted to take me with him to listen to the chanters just outside our home this morning, which I listen to in my room, but this morning I met with my daughter’s college friend for just a bit.  Tomorrow I will go with him.  It’s hard to describe this experience.  I wouldn’t trade this time for anything!