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The definition of serenity. Photo by Hannah Richter (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Finalist), Indonesia Semester.

Recent student questions: banks and extra bags

Hi everyone!

We’ve gotten a couple questions recently that we think would benefit everyone to hear the answers to:

If you are looking for a good bank account to use while in Jogja, check what fees they charge for international and outside-of-network withdrawals, these can really add up! One option we can recommend is a free online checking account with Charles Schwab (you may need to open a free brokerage account to be able to open the free checking account, but you do not need to put any money in it) they do not charge atm fees anywhere in the world and even refund fees charged by local banks. Feel free to look into other options as well, but make sure that they generally accepted internationally.

Do make sure to notify your banks of your travel plans so they don’t block your card for unusual activity.

If you’re struggling to fit everything you need into your hiking pack and day pack, feel free to bring an additional duffel bag or small suitcase that you can leave in Jogja – you will not have to carry this during our first couple weeks of travel.

Look out for an itinerary post shortly and please post your introductions to the yak board!