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Photo by Anna Hiltner

Saludos desde Mattapoisett!

Hello Everyone! My name is Mia and I am from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Mattapoisett is a small town (one of those towns where everywhere you go you see someone you know or someone who knows someone that you know) right on the coast of Massachusetts. While growing up I spent a lot of my time outdoors sailing or hiking with my family. During my sixth grade year my parents took my sisters and me out of school and we lived on our sailboat sailing down through the leeward and windward islands of the Caribbean. This was an amazing experience where I got to spend every day sailing, exploring towns and getting to know so many different people.

I went to boarding school in Delaware for highschool; there, I enjoyed playing field hockey, squash and rowing. Sports and simply running are how I stay I sane and happy. I hope to be able to run some in Bolivia (even with the difficulties of adjusting to altitude).

At school I was a part of our Jazz ensemble and acapella group . In the Jazz ensemble I played the saxophone–– it was one of the places at school where I felt the most comfortable and happy. I love the way music allows me to connect to and understand people differently. I hope to be able to find some way to connect through music in Bolivia as well.

Other than music I have always enjoyed History and English, I think partially for the same reason of being able to connect with people and things that could otherwise seem different from myself. I have been reading some of Gabriel García Márquez’s books this summer which although not specifically about Bolivia have been helpful in helping me gain insight in South American literature.  Along with this reading, to prepare for Bolivia I have spent a lot of my time this summer working in Estes Park, Colorado, at altitude––I hope that this will help me adjust better once I arrive.

I am a big lover of cheese and for this reason am excited to try Cuñapé which is a type of cheesy bread.

I am so excited to meet you all!