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Photo by Caleb Brooks

See You Soon!

Hello!!  My name is Pia DiCenzo and I hail from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Having lived in Charlotte my whole life, I have been able to witness the evolution of the city (it’s the third fastest growing city in the US!), especially in most recent years. The humidity, however, has yet to show any sign of such change.  Charlotte boasts a decent football team, great food, and even better ice cream.  Golden Cow Creamery is my recommendation, and not just because I work there.

When I’m not working, I can be found at the dog park with our golden retriever, begging a sibling or friend to go hiking with me, giving books water damage in the pool, or simply listening to music.  I played soccer competitively for 12 years, so occasionally I’ll pump up my ball and head out to the fields too.

I am an avid runner and yogi.  I ran my first half-marathon when I was 12 and am often at my happiest in the middle of a race.  I also started practicing yoga at a young age to spend time with my mom, but now practice regularly and find it is key to helping me maintain balance in all aspects of my life.  Volunteer work also helps me maintain that balance and I’ve found a home helping at the uptown soup kitchen each month, as I am a firm believer in the healing powers of a family dinner.

My biggest passion is supporting others, especially women.  This passion developed through the relentless support my mom provided my two older sisters and I, as well as injustices she faced and the resulting support we provided her.  Throughout high school I expressed this passion by tutoring young girls, specifically in math.  As a woman in STEM who once had similar confidence struggles to the girls I worked with, I tutored with the goal to not only help them do better on tests, but to develop a confidence in their math skills, in their education, and in themselves.  I have always wanted to translate this into assisting women all over the world in recognizing their limitless abilities, and this is one of my biggest goals for the next 9 months.

My other interests include math, astronomy, and physics, as my dream is to be an astronaut.  I also enjoy the occasional craft or painting, despite lacking artistic ability.

Of the many things I am doing to prepare for India, one of the most important is preparing my mindset.  I have been more conscious of how I spend my time, specifically with my family.  Also, one of my friends lived in India for three years, so I have been trying to get a much advice from her as I can.  She advised me to learn my numbers first, so as not to get them mixed up when settling a fare with a rickshaw driver.

After much anticipation and preparation, I am excited to get to know everyone and see what the next 9 months bring!

See you on the 29th!

Pia DiCenzo