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So Excited!

Hey everyone, it’s nice to be able to begin getting to know you all! I enjoyed reading your post, Chris, and am excited to meet you in person! I am Eeshani and I am from Bend, Oregon. I just completed high school a year early and am so happy I am able to embark on this adventure before heading off to college. Bend is a very outdoorsy town with lakes, mountains, and rivers nearby, which is perfect because I love the outdoors, going on hikes, and exploring new places. I actually have been to Indonesia when I was about six, however my family and I only went to Bali. I know that Bali is very different from the entire rest of Indonesia, however I am really excited to be able to eat authentic gado gado again (my parents got a recipe but I’m sure their’s is just not the same). Also, I was only six and probably did not appreciate it as much as I really should have. I absolutely love to travel and have been fortunate enough to have had a childhood full of exploring the world, and so I am really excited to be able to get back out there and have new experiences that just wouldn’t be possible without travelling with you all.

I am a very social person and am looking forward to meeting everyone and forming some amazing friendships. Friendships and connections with people are very important to me, and so I am super excited to really get to know the other eleven people on this program.  Some fun facts about me are that I have two very happy dogs who I love very much and will miss while I am away. I also have two of the fattest cats ever, who are both very sweet and cuddly too. I also love music, and no matter what I’m feeling, whether I am sad, happy, or just peaceful I probably have a playlist for it. Another fun fact about myself is that I played soccer from the age of 4 all the way up until one year ago when I quit and joined the high school cross country team instead.

I am actually allergic to the rubber that is in most flip-flops, tevas, and chacos. This is a huge bummer for me and makes it really hard for me to be able to wear sandals hiking or shoes in the water. The way I have fixed this problem here is by always wearing tennis shoes when hiking or walking a lot, wearing Birkenstocks in lieu of flip flops, and then usually wearing no shoes in the water or tevas for a short amount of time. Does anyone know of a better solution that would work when abroad? I do not want to wear no shoes in those waters especially because I know how rocky and prickly the sea floor can be. Once in Thailand I accidentally stepped on a Sea Urchin and got some of its spikes lodged in my foot. I very much would not want to have that happen again, but I am not sure what the best fix is. Please let me know if you know of some good shoes I can wear in the water that do not contain rubber! Unfortunately even the soles of my feet break out into rashes.

I look forward to hearing from everyone!