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Stars! Mountains!

We left our homestay families 3 days ago amidst sadness and a great party.  Watching all the families with us and each other was truly amazing: we had only been together 4 days and the bonds were so evident.  Before I left, I was given a Newari safe journey blessing.  I was honored to have been invited into their home, a total stranger, and made a part of the family so quickly.  We will be in touch, I know.  I could not say goodbye, so I taught them Cherrio!

This is our second day at the Namo Buddah Monastery in Dhulikhel.  We are high in the mountains, actually in the middle range of the Himalayas.  Out my window I see mountains, villages and clouds and in fact we are in the clouds.  Yesterday we watched a huge bank cover everything completely.  It is beautiful and peaceful.  This is our reflecting time, learning from the Llama about Buddhism and meditation and taking a deep breath before the final part of the journey.  Last night as we left dinner, there were stars!  Not as many as home, but stars all the same.   That picture is in my head, along with many others.  This morning, two of us got up early (5am) to climb up to the top area of the monastery to try and glimpse the Himalayas and we were rewarded.  We watched the sun rise behind them and could see many snow covered peaks a long way off.  My day is complete!  I have many pictures, which won’t do justice to what I have seen or experienced, and will share when I have had time to reflect on this amazing trip.  Along with seeing Seva’s homestay family and college friend, I have been immersed in all that I can here.  Tomorrow we hike to a small village for the night, and then into Bouhda to finish our trip, and for me, ending where I started.  The end is coming too soon.