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Photo by Anna Hiltner

Student Introduction

Hey y’all. I’m Kat and welcome to my channel. I’m from the small city of Wilmington, Delaware which (at least in my neighbourhood) is predominantly Black and Latinx. I grew up going to a Quaker school for the entirety of my life, and while I am not Quaker, the Quaker values for stewardship and community stuck we me, and is much of what has drawn me to do the Bridge Year program. I love helping people and always look for any opportunity I can to do so.

In high school I was the president of the Black Student Union, Gender Sexuality Alliance, a ranking member of the student government, and much more. I also captained (and love) volleyball and basketball even though I’m no good at the latter. I binge watch entirely too much tv but most of the time, especially during summer, I’m working a few jobs which is a lot more fun to me than it should be.

Being Afro-Caribbean-American as well as growing up in a diverse community only heightened my value of various cultures as well as my own and I’m more than excited for the upcoming change of moving to Bolivia and experiencing these cultures first hand.