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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Student introduction

Hi there!
My name is Rebecca and I’m from Milan, Italy
I just graduated from high school and about to start a gap year
I’ve never been to Nepal before and I’m really really exited for the next three months in that mystical land
I grew up in Milan but lived for six months in Vancouver two years ago, where my english improved a little bit..
If i have to describe myself i would say that I’m quite enthusiastic and sensitive, I listen to my gut and feelings first and I love learning and exploring new things.
I LOVE animals, I have a dog (named Tyrion because me and my sisters are big game of thrones fans) and two cats that I adore.
I love music too.I listen to all genres depending on my mood, especially twenty one pilots who I’m gonna see live soon 🙂
What else..
I’ve always been sporty growing up, doing activities like dancing, swimming and skiing. I love cinema and I’m really fascinated by history of art and astrology, and I’m also very interested in the human brain and behaviour which I’ll probably study at uni next year.
Thanks and see you all very soon!