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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

The Lucky Shirt?

The moment I slipped my arms through the sleeves, I knew. This wasn’t just any shirt — it was a lucky shirt. So soft, royal blue with a sick dragon on the back — I mean, how much luckier can you get?

So late one night during a high-stakes card game, I decided to try my luck. I went all in. Back-against-the-wall, chips-on-the-table all-in. And in this picture, I’m laughing… not because of how triumphantly I won, but because of how badly I lost. Heinously. So much for that lucky shirt!

I wasn’t intending this parallel when I started writing this intro, but that card game is a great metaphor for the last year of my life. I went off to college on the east coast in fall 2018, came home after a rough semester, and started a random job in a hospital pharmacy that I now love and adore. After working hard and doing a lot of reflecting, I’m transferring to Colorado College this winter and self-funding this trip to Nepal. So even after “losing” big, maybe the shirt is still lucky… just not in the way I imagined!

What else… I’m Taiwanese-German, born and raised in Denver, CO (what’s up Shane!) and despise social media. Yes, Ann-Claire is my entire first name,  yes, I have no middle name, and yes, little kids love to giggle and pronounce it, “aunt Claire.” I meditate (occasionally), read Matthieu Ricard (often) and jam to Jon Bellion and Mumford and Sons (all the time).

What about you — what have you been up to this past year? Triumphs? Failures? Funny stories? Lucky shirts?

I can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂