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Photo by Sophie Singletary

Tips for your “Intro Yak”

Asalaam Aleikum!

We look forward to meeting you all soon!

In the meantime, we would love to hear a bit more about you. As a first step towards getting to know each other, we would like each student to post a personal introduction to the yak board.

The sooner we begin to learn about each other as unique individuals, the sooner we will begin to create a learning community in which we feel open to challenging ourselves and others, knowing that we are supported every step of the way.

In your “intro yak” please share any relevant details that you would like the group to know about you such as where you are from and what you are passionate about. You can also share some reflections on the following questions:

  • What are you most excited about for this journey?
  • What are the biggest questions on your mind?
  • How are you preparing yourself for your upcoming journey to Senegal?

**Bonus creative challenge**If you are inspired, please share (your own or someone else’s) a poem, piece of art or music to reflect how you are feeling about your upcoming trip!

If you have any questions, know that we are here to answer anything and everything that we can.

Nekk leen ci jamm (you all be in peace),

Babacar, Catherine & Berta

Ps (from Catherine): Here is a photo I took a few days ago during my family holiday where I am right now in Switzerland….what it represents for me is the starting point as we start this Bridge Year programme in Senegal….the trees are rooted firmly in the ground and from there they rise, opening to the sky, to the unknown, with a circular formation providing a sense of support, yet an empty in the centre, leaving space for what the next 9 months has in store for us 🙂