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To consider as you start packing…

Namaste Friends,

We realize that you are all at different stages of preparation and packing.  We have responded to a few questions in personal emails that we thought you all may benefit from knowing more about…

  • The temperatures will be warm and the packing list says no tank tops or shorts.  Although this is true, we want to share that a pair of longer shorts for men are okay to wear for more casual outings.  Capri length pants are fine for women.  Also, sleeveless shirts are fine for women.  You will notice when we are in Nepal that even the traditional dress that Nepali women wear is often sleeveless, but not thinner strap tanks.
  • Coffee is not part of the traditional culture in Nepal.  We promise that you will drink or at least be offered copious amounts of chiyaa – Nepali black tea with milk and sugar.  Being new to coffee drinking myself, I am starting to understand how important this morning ritual can be and nescafe (what is commonly served when coffee is ordered) just won’t cut it.  If you fall into this morning coffee ritual category, we recommend you bring your own ground coffee and a setup to make it.  This could be a travel mug that has a coffee press in it, an aero press or maybe a collapsible silicone coffee dripper with filters.
  • Gifts for your family – You will be enjoying a few nights with a Newari family during our time in Patan.  It is often nice to present a gift for your family, but not necessary.  If you would like to offer something, we recommend a gift for the entire family that is representative of the area or state that you come from.  For instance, a picture book from your state/country, a photo album of your own images that include your family, friends, pets, favorite places, etc. that you would be willing to leave behind, a knickknack or food item.  I use to bring Vermont maple syrup, as an example.  These types of gifts also provide an opportunity for good conversation.

If more questions come up for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out either here on the yak board or with a personal email.

Have a lovely weekend!