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Accessing Email and ATMs while in Nepal

Namaste All!

The I-team members are all in Nepal and in the coming days we will be finalizing plans as we eagerly await your arrival.

We wanted to reach out today in this message to make you aware that it is common for students’ emails and other methods of communication to get flagged the first time they attempt to log in from Nepal requiring a security code or confirmation sent. Each provider has different requirements and procedures for this so we encourage you to look into these things prior to you leaving as you will not have access to your phones while in-country. If your email has a two-step authentication on it, you may want to remove that since you will not be able to receive a text message in Nepal.

The same applies to ATMs and banks. Please notify your bank before leaving that you will be coming to Nepal.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any follow-up questions.