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Photo by Anna Hiltner

Busca de Tesero

Today we were told by our instructors that we would be doing a scavenger hunt in the town of Coroico. We were nervous to begin with for multiple reasons. We were worried that our Spanish was too poor to communicate, we were worried that we wouldn´t be able to break our 200 Bolivianos, and we were worried about doing something drastically offensive by accident.

The three main categories of the scavenger hunt were photos, purchases, and tasks. For one of the photos we were supposed to take a picture with an image of Evo Morales (the current Bolivian president). This was harder to do than we intially thought because Evo Morales is quite controversial in Coroico. In the end we found an image of him at an Internet Cafe, but the owners were clear that they did not support Morales.

The highlight of the scavenger hunt by far was finding a young boy who agreed to draw all four of us (which was one of the tasks). We made it as clear as we could that we didn´t expect anything better than stick figures. But he carefully drew all four of us. He paid close attention to the design of our clothes and shoes, and the shape of our hair. It was much better than we expected, and honestly better than any of us could do ourselves.

For lunch we ate Salteñas (similar to empanadas) made by a woman named Leni. We got to watch her make them, and we were able to ask her questions about the region. When she learned that we were from the United States she told us that she had a cousin who worked in Kansas for a while. Leni was not only very kind but the salteñas she made were delicious.

Although the scavenger hunt was a bit anxiety inducing, we had a lovely time and we definitely learned more about Coroico and communication in Spanish. Thank you for following our journey!