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Chandler, Cooper and McKenna in Bhaktapur

Hello! We don’t have any photos because the videos and photos taken on my (Chandler’s) camera are too big to post apparently. We had a video discussing what we were doing in Bhaktapur, and we’re sorry that we cannot share it. While we were in Bhaktapur, we first went to the most American restaurant we could find and bought a veggie burger, momos, and coffee (so sorry to the parents out there who are probably disappointed; our stomachs are weak from the lack of transition!). We made a friend (a little boy that called himself Monkey ho) as he climbed a nearby tree and presented us with leaves. After, we all went into the city, where Chandler bought a dress, Chandler and McKenna bought funky-looking pants, and Cooper bought a traditional hat called a dhaka topi and two shirts. Overall, the trip was inspiring yet exhausting. We got back to the guest house completely worn out!