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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Colorful China

Greetings (Nihao) from Dali!! So far our time in China has been nothing short of amazing. We have traveled through rural villages, mountain regions, along the mother Mekong, and as of now, wonderful cities. We have been happily filling our stomachs with steamed buns (you mei you rou ma?), fresh vegetables (hao chi!), mi fan (rice) and lots and lots of cha (tea). Adjusting to the way of life here has been challenging but extremely rewarding, we are growing, learning, and becoming a family more and more every day. Women ai Jung Gwo! (We love being here in China). Zai Jian!

– Olivia, Wes, Annika, and Ben

再见, 一会再聊 (Goodbye, talk soon)