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De la magie…

We walked around many stupas, drank liters of milk tea and lassi, had one of the best mojitos in Katmandu, reflected on Hinduism and Buddhism, woke up early…even really early for morning pûjâ, Leif learnt stone carving, I learnt the very first bases of thangka painting, Leif sang in French with his homestay brother at the final party in Patan, I danced with a lovely woman named Rusha, we discovered a wonderful language and how fun it was to play with words from French to English to Nepali, we “mango, mango, mango”, we ate momos and momos…no puggyo for these ones, we laught often, I cried sometimes, we switched off our cellphones, we experienced the beauty of the rice paddies in Balthali, we beat you on this one!, we discovered the treasures of the Peacock Paper Gallery in Bhaktapur, Leif taught french slang words as “c’est ouf!*” to Mr Parbat, we witnessed suffering, we “Gulabi”, I met a Tibetan doctor and came home with magic powders, we wandered in a forest of prayer flags in Namo Buddha, we played “Sapana kahaa chhaa” in a monastery, we lighted candles and candles and among all, we felt incredibly lucky to be part of this travel, to feel these precious and invisible links that this world is offering, to realize how similar we are.

No doubt, this experience was bathed in magic.


* “C’est ouf” means: “it is amazing!”

** Our Nepali version of “Where is Waldo?”