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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.


I see:

The clouds rolling over the “hills”. The old brick tiles with leaves growing through. Countless species of trees and plants unlike any I have seen before.

I smell:

The fresh mountain air. Our lunch being prepared; roasted garlic, fragrant flowers and other plants and a combination of them.

I feel:

The cool air around me and the subtle temperature changes brought on by the breeze. Healthier having meditated, stretched and eaten a healthier diet.

I hear:

Music that is completely different in every regards to the music I am used to, but relatively similar to the other music in this region. Birds chirping/ cooing in the distance.

I am:

Very relaxed and feel that all my obligations have been fulfilled. Eager to immerse myself in Nepali culture. Excited to discover further differences between my culture and this one.